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If you wish to regret a purchase made on, the Right of Withdrawal Act applies. We want the handling to be as simple as possible for both parties. In the event of a canceled purchase, the seller and buyer have some obligations that must be complied with within the provisions of the Right of Withdrawal Act. We send out a right of withdrawal form that accompanies each shipment for each purchase made with us.


It is  the right of withdrawal law  which regulates the buyer's and seller's rights and obligations if one regrets the purchase.

Some important points from the Right of Withdrawal Act:

  • The right of withdrawal stipulates that the customer bears the costs himself (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act § 8, point i). If the items can not be returned by normal mail, we recommend  for more info and implementation of return of larger packages. If the consumer has explicitly chosen another type of delivery, this is a cost borne by the customer (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act § 24).

  • The right of withdrawal stipulates that notification is given to the seller within 14 days after the delivery has been received. (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act § 21). The consumer must return the goods without undue delay, and no later than 14 days from notification of the right of withdrawal. (cf. the Right of Withdrawal § 25)

  • The right of withdrawal gives traders the right to charge the customer if the product has been subjected to a reduction in value as a result of use beyond what is necessary to determine the product's nature, property and / or function. (cf. Ang 25).

  • The Act only applies to consumer purchases. The right of withdrawal can therefore not be used by companies or others who have acted as part of business activities. (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act § 1).

  • The Right of Withdrawal Act does not apply to the sale of goods when the total contract amount, including shipping and additional costs that the consumer must pay, is NOK 300 or less. (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act § 2).

In other words, you as a consumer have the right to withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason within 14 days after the service provider has fulfilled its duty to provide information in accordance with Art. the Right of Withdrawal Act and the item and right of withdrawal form has been received, or after 1 year if information about the right of withdrawal has not been provided. However, you will not regret the purchase of framing as each frame is manufactured separately for the consumer. There is no right of withdrawal for goods that are manufactured according to the consumer's specifications, ie goods that are not prefabricated, and that are manufactured on the basis of the consumer's individual choices or decisions. Then you will regret the work of art but not the frame (cf. the Purchase Act §52)



Completion of return (Active action)

It commits an active action * from you in such a way that there is no doubt that you are exercising your right of withdrawal. With an active action, we can process the case in a fast and efficient way for both parties, according to the Right of Withdrawal Act (* ref. the 14-day deadline mentioned in the Right of Withdrawal Act § 11).

How to regret the purchase if the order has not been sent?

If you have not received shipment confirmation and the status of the item lines under the order on "my page" is anything other than "shipped", you can call us on 930 08 948 or send an email to  and request that the entire order be deleted. If one of these agencies confirms that the order has been deleted, you have regretted it. For your own part, you may want to keep a copy of the email and information about who you spoke to in connection with your regret for at least 14 days.

How do I regret before the order is picked up at the delivery point?

Contact customer service by email  or telephone 930 08 948 and state that you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal. You will receive an email confirming that the order is within the criteria for the right of withdrawal. You do not need to take any action against the place of delivery. When the order returns to us, it will be credited in full. You will a few days later receive an invoice for postage one way (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act § 15 first paragraph)

How do I regret after the order is picked up?

Contact customer service at  or 930 08 948 and let us know that you want to cancel the purchase and we will confirm / deny whether the order is within the criteria for the right of withdrawal. When confirmation is given, fill in the return form that came with the shipment, or you can  download  return form here , and add this together with the item (s) you want to return, and return as soon as possible via a post office. We point out that it is the consumer who must bear the cost of return. (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act § 15 first paragraph). It is encouraged that the Right of Withdrawal is sent as a registered parcel post so that you can follow the parcel on Norway Post's pages so that you have a full overview of where the shipment is in the post's system until it arrives to us. Once we have received and processed your return, we will credit and return your receivable depending on the payment method used.

Return is made in the following way for the respective means of payment used at the time of purchase:

Credit / Debit Card

Returned to the account linked to the card

Online banking payment

Transferred to bank account number used for payment



Passive action

If you do not pick up the order and otherwise remain completely passive, this will not give us any indication as to why the package has not been picked up. You will then not have fulfilled the requirements set for you in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Act § 11 and § 13, and thus lose the right to withdraw from the agreement. When the order returns as uncollected, it will be credited in full and the items returned to stock. We then issue a separate invoice with a postage of two ways, plus an uncollected fee of NOK. 300, to cover our handling costs. If the order is prepaid, we will set off this invoice against the credit note and in this way reduce the chargeback.


If the received item has errors or defects, the buyer can claim a number of defects' powers (eg correction of replacement, price reduction, cancellation and compensation) according to the Purchase Act. §§30 et seq. However, this presupposes that the buyer reacts within certain deadlines. In consumer purchases, the complaint deadline is generally two years after the buyer received the item. Notice must be given to the seller within a reasonable time after the buyer discovered or should have discovered the defect. There are no formal requirements for complaints, but for evidentiary reasons the notification should be given in writing. It should be stated in the notification (complaint) which deficiencies the buyer wishes to assert. In the event of complaints, the service provider shall bear all costs associated with the purchase, including the costs of return transport.

If you have further questions about complaints, you can contact customer service by e-mail:

Completion of return / completion of return form

Fill in the order number, your customer number and the invoice number.
Fill in your account number if you are to have money refunded from us.
Fill in the item number, quantity, item name and return code in the form under "I return".

If the reason for return is damage, you must fill in the item number, item name, return code and price in the field for damage notification on the return slip. (Remember that you must then enclose a damage report filled in by the post office or courier company) Return the item to us in original packaging together with a return slip. See return information on the form. You are responsible for the return shipment and must pay postage. If there is a complaint, we will refund the postage you have had if the complaint is approved. NB! never send items by registered mail or by postal order.

Once you have done this, send us an email so we know your return is on its way. You then open the email with the "order confirmation" you received from us and press "reply" / "reply" and write the item number, item name for the item you have returned.

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